AXLR8 can provide your organisation with the facilities to see events as soon as possible.  You can already anticipate change, act faster, save money and compete with the best. We help your people and clients get the signal to act even faster. Survive. Thrive.

Data changes in any of your legacy systems or modern CRM can trigger messages. Alerts and reports can make the the right people aware of events such as:

  • Budgets running over
  • Service requests not met on time
  • Expenses over a limit
  • Staff still needed to fulfil shifts
  • Appointments made for you
  • Reminders to complete actions

All these should be acted upon quickly by a person or system.

Market and other events can even trigger promotional items to be sent to clients and staff.

Most organisations know how hard it can be to implement and maintain these. That is why many organisations choose a specialist package and provider to build and maintain a cost effective solution.