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Trigaware is an alert system that will
send email or text triggers to
identified contacts, so that you can
anticipate change, act faster, save
money and compete with the best…

Notify your customers that their
contract is due for renewal, remind staff to
update their timesheets, inform suppliers
that payment has been made – we help your
people and clients get the signal to act even
faster. Survive. Thrive.

Alerts can make the right people aware of events such as:

  • Budgets running over
  • Service requests not met on time
  • Expenses over a limit
  • Staff still needed to fulfil shifts
  • Appointments made for you
  • Reminders to complete actions

All these should be acted upon quickly by a person or system.

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You can save time and money by keeping your staff organised, punctual, and communicative. Manage shifts, attendance, payroll, reports, and much more with our range of desktop and mobile CRM and ERM applications.

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An AXLR8 system that has a compile knowledge base, build message archive and used template responses, to make sorting information requests a breeze.


An AXLR8 system that automatically files your emails.  Messages are attached to the contacts, companies, jobs, service contracts and events they were written about.

We make it easy to do tedious admin tasks, saving you time and money

We provide comprehensive phone and email support to each of our customers as standard, should you ever need help in getting the most out of your system. In addition, we offer periodic workshops and on-site training solutions to suit your business needs and requirements.

What our satisfied clients have to say about AXLR8

AXLR8 have worked tirelessly to develop a bespoke Proposal System, CRM and Quotation tool on our behalf. They have been extremely supportive.

Managing Director, ACF Direct


Managing Director, Crystal Business Finance

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