Large organisations

AXLR8 Trigaware is helping large organisations to deliver exact, event based personalised information. AXLR8 customers face markets with fast change and heavy regulation, compliance and accountability. They need to act fast to fix problems, launch new products and be agile enough to change as fast as their clients’ requirements. However, large organisations have special challenges of scale. The size and number of the systems that may be involved and the number of people that need to be informed bring challenges that must be approached by people with empathy and experience of working with the Fortune and Times Top 100 companies and large Government departments.

Applications include:

  • Finance alerts when budgets are overstepped or revenues and expenses are reported late
  • Marketing when forecasts are low
  • Production avoiding glitches
  • HR when staff reviews are not done on time or when staff leave and processes are not complete

Often, geographical spread over different time zones with differing acceptance and availability of technology bring their own challenges.

Having immediate awareness to base decisions upon, start earlier than the competition -and then fix mistakes promptly – always creates advantage. One of the most important applications of the AXLR8 Trigaware system is to allow our clients to be more responsive to their customers.

Large organisations face the challenges of coordinating resources and focusing them on reaching objectives. Then they must change.

Manufacturers keep scarce clients who want specialist complex runs in smaller lot sizes. They can catch production issues earlier and keep clients better informed. Many of our clients rely on our systems to provide their clients with immediate information about progress.