What is AXLR8 Trigaware?

Trigaware is a highly intelligent alert system that will send email, text or online chat messages to identified people. 

You can anticipate events and changes, act faster, save money and compete with the best. 

It also helps streamline any area of day to day workflow for our clients by checking data in their operational systems sending messages.  Here are some ideas that may help your organisation:

  • Notify your customers that their contract is due for renewal.
  • Remind staff to update their timesheets.
  • Inform suppliers that payment has been made.
  • Acknowledge enquiries and chase sales people when no action has occurred after three hours.
  • Remind sales people to chase quotes after three days.
  • Support people of alerted to issues unresolved after two days.

The possibilities are unlimited.

Trigaware helps your people and clients act even faster.